8:00am  A grey-haired lady walks by the big Living room window that sits by my Work from Home desk, which reminds me to take the dog for a walk and that I have a haircut appointment this afternoon. I'm eating half of a whole wheat raisin bagel, a bit burnt on the one end, while my coffee pot does it's thing and the dishwasher runs last night's dishes. My daughter is asleep on the couch and my husband is working in his chair in the Family room.  Already my phone is buzzing in my jeans pocket. My neck to shoulder muscle on my right side aches from "doing too much". It's become my M.O. lately, doing too much. Sword class last night involved a lot of swinging, going from one cut to another and not always the easy path.  And yet what's on my mind again, is always on my mind, is the 35 extra pounds I carry. It was 20 yesterday, but thanks to Facebook, I realized I looked my best 12 years ago, when I got my black belt in karate, and I know I weighed about 145 th

Oscars - Movie and the Food: The Banshees of Inisherin (2022)

Irish Stew 1/25/2023 4:36pm  As a form of self entertainment, I am going to watch a movie from the 2022 Oscars. I've previewed the major ones and selected a bunch of them that I think I'd like.  Some, I wont be able to see because they require Apple TV which I don't have. I'll have to figure it out later for those. I can't imagine I will truly be forced to buy another streaming thing just to see a movie. But I could be wrong. Doesn't this seem wrong to you? For today, I'll start with "The Banshees of Inisherin" .  It looks really good.  And then because I like to cook, I am going to watch closely for something they eat, and then try to make it. I don't know Irish food. I don't even have an Irish cookbook - can you believe it?  But I will see what I can find. There is always the library.  Who knows if I will bore of doing this, but for now, I think I will enjoy it. Seems fun. Come along if you want.  ------------------ 1/26/23 10:36 am Well,

Lunch - Thai food with the right heat

Today I made my own Thai curry with chicken ...  If you know me, you know I am not only a big wimp when it comes to heat but I am allergic to MSG. It makes my Thai food experiences limited.  Before I turned 26 I could eat anything, but food allergies reared their ugly heads and now I cannot.  Thai food is amazing and I love the flavors, but it took me another 26 years to really try to make my own.  For those die hard authentic Thai food fans, look away now. It's Amercanized to be sure.  First I had to figure out what a curry was.  Essentially it's peppers and spices, to put it simply. I found a recipe that I could modify (see modified recipe below) with what I had. I intend to add in the lemongrass paste and shrimp paste once I get some, next time, to see how it changes it.  Thai chili peppers are pretty darn hot, so wimpy me will use bell peppers and then add in the heat with crushed red pepper flakes.  No it won't taste the same but I want to have something  like Thai foo

Breakfast open faced sandwich?

 Good morning! I woke up contemplating breakfast. Had a good think on it before I got up. My go-to is a half cinnamon raisin bagel, but I worry that while it's convenient and tasty, it is not nutritionally sound, and it may be setting me up for eating a lot of white carbs throughout the day.  Could I do better? I've made a whole wheat version of the bagels but it's a lot of effort for frankly fairly tough bagels. No convenience factor, and no protein so you know it doesn't last long. I dont mind things like eggs but I want them fried or poached so I can have separate yolk as a sauce as opposed to mixing them into a frittatta, omelette, or quiche. Of the three it sounds like Omelette would be best if I liked them, but I dont. The yolk turns into something completely different when cooked to hard stage and Im just not a fan.  So then how will I incorporate whole grains, vegetables both green and not, something tasty, and the favorite protein of the morning, eggs? I decide

Passionfruit White Chocolate cupcakes

 First, I'd like to say condolences to the Powell family. The real Julie (from Julie and Julia movie) passed away recently, which got me thinking of blogging again. She was the one who inspired me to blog about food to be honest. I'm planning to sit down with my daughter soon and watch the movie again.  This is the story of the Passionfruit White Chocolate cupcakes:  I like a challenge.  In the beginning, I had ordered a bunch of passionfruits from Imperfect Foods. I tend to just buy things and then figure it out later. But sometimes I dont have time to figure things out and end up with these weird fruits and vegetables that dont really go with anything.  This one, I happened to be making a pomegranate lemon cupcake and had posted it on Facebook. Seeing that, my friend April had mentioned wanting a good White Chocolate passionfruit cake recipe since I think she found a place that makes them and she wanted me to help. I had ordered some passion fruit so this worked for me! We du

Soups! - Sep 23, 2022

 Stay tuned for a week of using up all the veggies I got from Imperfect foods and my own garden.  I have so much cooking & baking planned including 3 soups! ....

Apple Butter Snickerdoodles from Saved Recipes - Sept 17, 2022

Baking Day!  I've been thinking of actually trying the saved recipes from my Facebook page and blogging them here.  I think it would be an interesting experiment to see if things turn out as well as they look. Maybe I'll tackle some Pinterest recipes too - if I can figure out how to actually get to their recipes...I swear it just takes you down a rabbit hole with some of them! A few days ago I ran across a Apple Butter Snickerdoodles  recipe. It's a completely FALL thing to make and I'm looking forward to eating it! The recipe is soft so it requires you chill before baking, which is a pain because my fridge is pretty stocked on Saturdays, but I made some room. The dough tastes tangy and a bit cinnamony which is really wonderful. I hope the cookie is just as good baked.  I'm watching the Witcher while I make them, wondering to myself if the monsters they have in this show are made up for the show or if Im just not well versed in monsters? Anyway, the first batch came